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Prague citizens can influence the future form of the new neighborhood of Bubny-Zátory!

Prague residents can now comment on the Bubny-Zátory brownfield proposed development. In June, city officials presented a proposal for a 110-hectare territorial study. The study shows how the new neighborhood could look. It is now published and ready for public comment. used cars in qatar under 10 000

People can become familiar with the draft study and comment on it until 15 October. The proposal can be found on the website of the city.

Comments may be sent in electronic or printed form. An information campaign is also being launched by the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR). Like with the presentation of last year's Metropolitan Plan, IPR sends an information container to the area so that people can learn what is planned and comment on Bubny.

"We are looking forward to it. to constructive and factual comments that help us to adjust the From the citizen's perspective, planned new district. It must be Noted that the study is a debate on how the area should be develop. This doesn't mean the new district looks exactly Just like study. Like study. We expect competitions to be announced Block design," Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček (United Nations). Force for Prague) said on the website of the City Hall.

Prague 7 Mayor Jan Čižinský stated that people should be able to influence the development of their city. "Bubny will be home to 25,000 practitioners and a place to work or have time. Therefore we would like to know their views and look forward to all suggestions," he said.

The Village The It will have around 11,000 apartments, 29,000 work spaces and 5,000 rooms School students.

The Plan Study
The development team will be officially presented on October 4 Center of Architecture and Urban Planning public meeting


Director of IPR Ondřej Boháč said it is essential for people to comment Comprise the proposal. " We therefore decided to use the same method as with the Metropolitan Plan and get the information out Container. I think people will appreciate this step and that Like last year, they'll visit the container," he said.

Letná and Holešovice should be connected to the district and can house up to 25,000 inhabitants. Pelčák a partner architekti and ThomasMüllerIvanReinmann architekten GmbH from Berlin are the writers of the territorial study.

Facebook and the IPR website will contain details of information containers and guided walks.

The June press release provides a more detailed description of the proposed territorial study.

The approval of the proposal is expected in the winter after the comment period is over. By 2021, zoning changes should be made and disused structures should be removed from the site. Construction could start in five years' time and should continue until 2040.

The Bubny area was the location of a train station during World War II where tens of thousands of Prague Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps, mostly to come back. The site plans include a memorial.

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