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In Asia, salaries for property professionals are declining.

According to a new research, Malaysia led the way in terms of compensation increases for property professionals in the previous year. However, average salaries in Asia fell 3.4 percent in 2013, to US$96,087 per year. Car

The main reason for the loss was a reduction in some of the highest-paying …

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Asian REITs are battling for acceptance, and reform is needed.

Real estate investment trusts, according to real estate executives, are misunderstood in Asia and will require a regulatory reform as well as a change in conduct if they are to achieve widespread acceptance. Cars 

According to a study released this month titled "The Effect of REITs on Asian Eco…

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The Top 10 Mother's Day Vacations

Mother's Day getaways used to be as simple as taking a quick drive to a favorite local restaurant. But that is no longer the case. The sky is practically the limit these days. You will be in the ancient cobblestone walkways of France or Italy in eight hours. In addition, you can spend 16 hours wande…

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In 2016, land and condo sales and prices in Hong Kong plummeted.

The Housing Market in Hong Kong is Under Pressure Due to the Weakening Economy
Since Hong Kong is constrained by a slowing economy and market uncertainty persists, local developers are pursuing increasingly conservative bidding strategies in government land sales, according to JLL, a global propert…

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The Asia Property Bond Market is Driven by Stock Market Volatility.

Bond maturities are being postponed by Chinese developers, and debt is expected to peak in 2020.  Events
As several interest rate cuts were reported across the region, debt financing became more active while the equity funding market slowed, according to CBRE's second edition of Four Quadrants As…

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Infrastructure Projects in China's Pearl River Delta to Boost Local Economies

Future cross-border infrastructure will enhance people, capital, and trade flows between Hong Kong and mainland China, according to CBRE's Greater Pearl River Delta Infrastructure Outlook report, which examines how infrastructure projects in the Greater Pearl River Delta (GPRD) will foster long-term…

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Technology is forcing significant changes in Asia's commercial markets.

In 2018, APAC real estate funds and institutional investors are expected to lead investment activity. عقارات | عقارات قطر | شقق للبيع

According to CBRE's 2018 Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook Report, the commercial real estate market in Asia Pacific will be increasi…

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Asia Pacific has the world's fastest-growing data center market.

The demand for data centers in Hong Kong continues to grow. Sale in Qatar | For Sale in Qatar

Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo are the chosen locations for data center investment in Asia Pacific, according to global property consultancy JLL, due to their strong infrastructure, connectivit…

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In Asia, the trend of residential co-living is gaining traction.

Millennials in Asia are now sharing more than just work spaces and transportation, according to a recent JLL study titled "Bridging the Housing Gap." They've decided to live together in a new type of shared housing where people share similar values and lifestyles. Sale in qatar | properties for Sal…

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Latin America is ranked first among global investment hotspots, according to a survey.

(ENGLAND, LONDON) — Latin America is currently the hottest market for commercial real estate investment in the world. The best places to visit are in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Lusail | lusail Qatar | property hunter

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in London issued thi…

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Brazil is the top hotel investment market, according to Jones Lang LaSalle, which expects more global hotel deals to be made in 2010.

(SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA) — Following a disappointing hotel investment year in 2009, Jones Lang LaSalle expects more deals to be made in 2010, with many of the sales being financed by the sellers. Qatar 
JLL describes 2009 as "the year of a new reality" in its recently published Hotel Investment …

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London has surpassed Tokyo as the most expensive office market in the world.

In London's West End, Class A room costs $184.85 per square foot.
Washington, DC is the least expensive of the 50 largest markets in the United States, at $51.74 per square foot.
At $172 per square foot, Tokyo (Inner Central) is Asia's most expensive rental market. عقارات
In 2009, rents in…

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