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‘It's a renter's city,' says Matt of Berlin.

“When I moved to Berlin in 2013, it was rather simple to find an apartment. I went to numerous viewings (inside the Ring Bahn, relatively central) within days of landing in Berlin and had a few options of places I might take - all with very reasonable rates of €600 for an entire apartment. apar…

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Europe, Asia, and Australia (continental Europe, Asia, and Australia):

“So, I've been living in continental Europe, Asia, and Australia for the past five years (all in leased houses/apartments). I'm delighted to report that I've never had a problem locating a place to stay. Accommodation is always accessible in my experience; all it takes is some research and effort. …

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Nantucket's Short Term Rental War is a 'Neighbor Against Neighbor' pitting!

On Saturday morning, nearly 1000 registered voters swept into four large white tents on a field of play in the elementary school on a 48-sq. mile island off the southern coast of Massachusetts. They were there for the Annual City Meeting, where they voted directly on issues facing the community, as …

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Available: March 15th, 2019

modern and distinct building design in Madrid

Have a look at this state-of-the-art and exclusive house in Madrid's prestigious La Moraleja district, which showcases avant-garde architecture and first-class living. While it has a facade that appears to be made of layers of different materials, the…

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As a result of these reforms, the Spanish government establishes a new rental price index.

Minister for Development: José Luis Ábalos

The Spanish Council of Ministers recently agreed to new rental market reforms, with a royal decree to boot. Almost everything from the previous decree is included in the new text, with the exception of a few measures. The measures that are different ar…

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Income tax deductibility for non-residents renting property in Spain will be abolished if that option is adopted by the EU!

In response to claims that Spain has engaged in discrimination against expats who rent their homes, the European Commission has opened an infringement procedure against the country. In the current circumstances, non-EU residents in Spain are unable to take advantage of the 60% tax reduction on renta…

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