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Available: March 15th, 2019

modern and distinct building design in Madrid

Have a look at this state-of-the-art and exclusive house in Madrid's prestigious La Moraleja district, which showcases avant-garde architecture and first-class living. While it has a facade that appears to be made of layers of different materials, the actual construction is composed of limestone from Etna, alabaster, and glass to regulate sunlight and privacy. The center of Madrid is still reachable on a plot of land with an area of 10,000m2 (107,640 sq ft). the pearl doha

Even though it was constructed in 2010, it could just as easily be from the year 2050. The design is contemporary and futuristic, fitting for the future. This not only creates a feeling of spaciousness, but also two different interior heights, which contributes to it. This south-facing home has natural light all day because of the orientation.

The kitchen

The five principal bedrooms have six well-appointed designer bathrooms, a spacious office, and a dining area capable of seating more than fifteen guests. There are two dressing rooms full of natural light and two full-size bathrooms in the master bedroom. While you are in bed, you can detach the roof and use it as an automated electric system, so you can lie back and gaze at the stars.

A completely modern Domotic home automation system is integrated into the whole house, allowing you to control all of the house's functions from the convenience of your computer. Outside, in the open air, the large sliding doors and huge windows create the sensation of being in a garden, which is complemented by the retractable roof in the master bedroom.

The main room can be transformed into a panic room with full metal walls, metal shutters, and an independently-communicating system for making emergency announcements. Additionally, the house has a glass-ceilinged wine cellar that provides spectacular views and offers two other living areas, as well as a dedicated kitchen area, all of which are separate from the rest of the house.

Besides having multiple areas where people can relax and enjoy themselves, there must be a number of leisure and recreation areas found in a luxury home, such as a large spa area with a Jacuzzi, an ice waterfall, heated indoor and outdoor pools, and a hammam. This space has tennis, squash, two large garages, and one of them can accommodate two vehicles while the other is capable of holding 15 vehicles. On the whole, this is a unique property.

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