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The property market is soaring to new heights!

Although the trend is not alarming, exporters argue that the situation for first-time purchasers is not improving.

The housing market in Denmark is still sweltering, with a record amount of properties sold in March.

According to data from, 13,370 properties were sold in March, a new high for a single month and nearly double the number sold in March 2020.

Sales of flats, villas, summerhouses, and other dwelling types all increased by 86-109 percent compared to last year, according to the numbers.

Curt Liliegreen, the director of the housing think group Boligkonomisk Videncenter, believes the trend is unsurprising, given that many people's interests and desires have shifted since the COVID-19 Crisis. in qatar

“Housing deals aren't made on the spur of the moment. It began to accelerate around the end of 2020, and the progress is now clearly visible,” Liliegreen told TV2 News.

Buyers who are making their first purchase should be cautious.

Liliegreen predicted that house prices will continue to rise as supply tightens, but that the market would not overheat anytime soon.

However, he warned that pricing in the Copenhagen Region should be monitored.

“When prices rise, it is not an issue in and of itself, but when they fall substantially in a short period of time, it can jeopardize financial stability,” he said.

Price increases, on the other hand, might become a problem in the long run for young first-time buyers and low-income groups who face a difficult entry into the market.

This year appears to be on track to break yet another housing record, following the one established in 2020.

Last year, 107,000 residences were sold in total across the country, the greatest number since Boligsiden began tracking data a decade ago.

In an attempt to buy a crucial energy island in the North Sea, Danish power company rsted has teamed up with pension fund ATP.

The island, which has yet to be created, will serve as a "cornerstone" for harnessing Danish offshore wind resources, contributing significantly to both Denmark's and Europe's green transitions while also producing thousands of jobs.

Bo Foged, the chief executive of ATP, said the island made a compelling investment case for the country's largest pension fund.

“It has the potential to contribute to good and stable pensions as well as strengthen Danish industrial positions while also acting as a significant lever for Denmark's green transition,” he said.

Infrastructure investment: renewable energy

He did point out, however, that the energy island investment is not without danger, and that members must be rewarded for it.

“The North Sea energy island will be absolutely important to the continued build-out of offshore wind in the Danish North Sea,” said rsted CEO Mads Nipper.

rsted is one of the largest renewable energy firms in the world, as well as the largest in Denmark. Over 25 offshore wind farms and 17 offshore transmission networks have been built by the company. The bid's financial details have yet to be revealed.

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