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The forecast calls for temperatures to remain below 20 degrees Celsius this week. This month should be little warmer.

According to the Hydrometeorological Institute's April forecast, temperatures in the Czech Republic are expected to hover around 20°C over the coming weeks (CHMI) This week, June 20th through June 27th, is expected to be the coldest. It will only get to be between 12 and 16 degrees on Tuesdays. However, by the end of the week, they are likely to have reached their maximum temperature of 19 degrees. CHMI meteorologists do not foresee an unusually hot period because, even though the temperature will gradually rise, it will remain below average and average for this time of year. It is predicted that powerful gales will hit Western Bohemia this week. CPN Flight resumption in Tel Aviv will begin Wednesday with Smartwings' services. dollar plus qatar

Travel Daily News reports that Smartwings, an airline, plans to resume flights to Tel Aviv, Israel, on May 26, assuming the security situation permits. Two flights per day, seven days a week, are expected by July. On Wednesday and Saturday, the current flight schedule offers departures from Prague to Tel Aviv at 23:00. Departures on Thursday and Sunday at 4:50 PM from Tel Aviv are planned for Flights to Prague. Air traffic resumption is conditional on travel restrictions that are applied in association with the health condition of the respective countries. Passengers can fly to the Canary Islands, Poland, Hungary, France, Slovakia, and Czech airports, in addition to the Smartwings hub in Poland.

Prague is one of the 10 richest regions in Europe!

In accordance with new Eurostat data, Prague is the seventh richest region in the EU that ranks European regions per GDP per capita, a per capita measurement of goods and services produced in each region of the EU.

According to Eurostat data, GDP per capita in Czech capital was calculated to be 187 percent of the EU-wide average.

The ranking is a slight increase over previous years' data. Prague was listed as Europe's ninth richest region in 2015.

The regions that ranked at the top of the 2019 EU list of the richest in Europe were familiar, with the UK Inner London at 626% of the EU's average GDP.

Luxembourg (253%), Southern Ireland (220%), Hamburg (202%) and Brussels (196%) followed UK capital for the Top 5.

In this year's rankings, Prague top Bratislava, while in the past the city has come behind the Slovak capital.

In 2017 the World Bank was ranked 34th in GDP per capita in the world, at an estimated $36,916. (about 840,000 crowns).

According to the latest Eurostat data, no Czech city was among the top 20 poorest regions in the EU.

Prices have increased by 4.3% across the European Union, with apartments prices in Slovenia rising by 15.1% in the third quarter, followed by the Netherlands (10.2%) and Ireland (9.1 percent ).

In Italy (-0.8%), Romania (-0.7%), Finland (-0.4%), Slovakia (-0.3%) and Hungary, decreases have been observed (-0.2 percent ).

"Despite a fairly strong 3Q18, average 2018 HPI growth has reached 8%, ranking seventh among EU countries, according to ING Bank analysts. This decreased from the 12% growth in 2017, which was the highest in the EU. This still means that the Czech property market average growth is nearly twice as high as the EU average."

Economists note that a more pronounced fall in prices is not expected because of insufficient supplies of new housing, mainly in larger Czech cities, in connection with administrative hurdles which have impaired new building permits.



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