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Spain 2020's 10 most expensive streets!

The only road in Spain to buy a house in 2020 is devoted to a well-known composer. This year's top table is Mozart Street in Marbella, where owners are asking for average 8,416,461 euros, according to an idealista study, Spain's leading real estate market.

The silver medal in this exclusive ranking includes a whole urbanization in Benahavís, Malaga: the Coto Zagaleta Urbanization took one position in 2019 and finished at the top. Area of the Costa del Sol, this exclusive area has an average cost of EUR 6,741,037, slightly higher than that of the Paseo de la Marquesa Viuda de Aldama in La Moraleja, Madrid, which stands third with EUR 6,303,281.  property for sale in qatar

Next is Calle 7, in Marbella, where owners ask their own exclusive homes for an average amount of EUR 5,967,000. Two roads follow on Mallorca island: Calle Tàpies, in Andratx, at an average of €5.883.461, and Calle Cosconar, in Palma at €5.589.500. The Paseo de los Lagos in Pozuelo, Madrid, also amounts to more than EUR 5 million at the average cost of EUR 5,370,967.

The eighth place is the Camino del Sur street, again in the exclusive La Moraleja development, with an average of 4,815,909 if you are interested in one of the luxury villas on offer. The pre-last address in the Mallorcan municipality of Calvià is Avenida Portals Vells at an average price of EUR 4,803,846. The rating ends with another composer's street, in which case Rossini Street in Marbella, with an average cost of 4.616.958 euros for their homes.

Every Spanish Autonomous Community's most expensive area (CCAA)

Idealist's study is completed with the most exclusive streets of each of the 17 autonomous Spanish communities. In addition to street villager in the top 10, there are 7 other autonomous communities with a total average address of more than € 1 million: Catalonia (€ 3,094,833), Valencia (€ 2,670,333), the Canary Islands (€ 2,200,000), the Basque country (€ 1,886,538), Castile-La Mancha (€ 1,640,050,), Cantabria (€ 1,612,894) and Navarre (1,266,000 euros).

The cheapest region is Extremadur, with an average price of 383,100 euros on its most expensive street, followed by La Rioja (515,416 euros) and Castilla y León (571,750 euros).

Rental contracts in Spain: what is mandatory minimum accommodation?

There may be many doubts and questions when renting a house in Spain, particularly for expats and those who move to Spain for the first time. One issue that arises again and again with regard to rental contracts in Spain is whether a tenant can terminate his or her home contract legally. It is stated by the reform of the urban rentals law 4/2013 of 3 June, which applies to contracts entered into between 6 and 6 June 2013, that the tenant has a mandatory minimum duration of 6 months.

What does compulsory minimum stay mean for my rental agreement?

The minimum obligatory stay will require the tenant to retain the contract and to pay for the rent agreed for the first six months of the contract's initial date.

How is the minimum residence calculated?

Minimum residence on a Spanish rental contract shall be calculated from the effective date on which the rental agreement begins; this date usually coincides with the date on which the agreement was signed.

What if, before the end of this 6 month period, the tenant wants to leave the property?

This would be considered a contract breach. In this case, if the owner does not agree, the tenant must:

comply with the specified period (i.e. stay and pay the rent in the property);

or pay the remaining months of the rent until the obligatory fulfillment is six months; (in the that case the tenant does not want to stay in the property).

What if after a minimum obligatory stay of 6 months from contract signature, the tenant decides to leave the property?

The law allows the tenant to terminate the contract, after the first 6 months of a contract have passed, when notifying its owner at least 30 days in advance. This communication should be made in writing for clarity. Furthermore, and only if the agreement was expressly agreed in the contract should the tenant compensate the owner according to the terms of the law.


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