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Prague students live in nursing homes in exchange for helping the elderly!

One way to overcome Prague's inflated rental prices is by getting an apartment in a nursing home.

If you are a local student who is seeking affordable housing in the Czech capital – and is open for interesting opportunities – then Prague 3 might have what you are looking for in a new pilot project to help students and seniors alike. sales qatar

Two apartments in separate nursing homes are currently rented in Prague for prices that seem too good to be true: a 43 m2 apartment at Roháčova street for a little more than 5000 crowns a month, and a 22 m2 apartment in Krásova for just 2,600.

The catch: to net low-level rent, you will also have to invest at least 30 hours a month to help other residents of the nursing home with activities designed to assist their senior citizens' social integration.

Prague has borrowed the idea from the town of Karvina, Moravia, where a university student who spends 14 hours a month in developing the cultural program for his elderly residents was given a free room and board at the Archa Community Center.

Similar programmes, including France and the Netherlands, have been successful in other countries across Europe.

Prague 3 applicants must be full-time students from Prague universities, have good knowledge of Czech and have a clear criminal record.

If you meet the criteria, and you are interested in helping seniors in exchange for affordable housing in Prague, an application may be submitted to the City House of Prague 3 containing a project plan and schedule of activities for seniors.

In addition to the activity plan to help the senior citizens increase their social activities, applicants are also encouraged to provide direct assistance, such as accompanying elderly people for a walk or a doctor, or support them with e-mails or other new technologies.

More information about the project and how to apply (in Czech) can be found on this link. The city accepts requests until the end of August.

The Žižkov nursing home is not the first intergenerational housing project in Prague; since 2016, a similar enterprise that brings together young families and seniors in Prague's Samcova Street.

"Everyone can appreciate the housing," Martin Sebesta, City Speaker, told local media.

"Seniors and young parents go to movies, eat in the communal restaurant together and organize social and cultural activities."

Similar projects are also planned for Prague 7 and 9.

Prague also supported a number of other projects aimed at bringing together young people and seniors, including a Christmas charity drive for adults, a program to teach senior English citizens and a recent coffee-and-beer project.

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