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Brief History: Egyptian landlord and tenant law has recently changed

During Nasser's Arab Socialism period, the law of the landlord and tenant in Egypt was highly protective of Egyptian tenants and of their households' interests. Foreign ownership was no longer welcome in Egypt and was severely restricted during this period. As a result, real estate investment declin…

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Estonian Heritage Law provides for a (reserved) compulsory portion.

If an alien's heritage is governed by EIL, EIL regulates the compulsory (reserved) portion. If the late person has not made a testament (or an estate contract), the mandatory part regulation does not apply and the estate is inherited only by intestate successors. find property qatar

Under existi…

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Costa Rica's landlord and tenant law is PRO-TENANT.

Coastal properties of Costa Rica Houses for sale Oceanview Rent: Can tenant and landlord freely agree to rent in Costa Rica?

Initially, rents can be negotiated freely between landlord and tenant. In order to increase rent, the parties must agree to increase the annual rent in the agreement. If no…

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The property market is soaring to new heights!

Although the trend is not alarming, exporters argue that the situation for first-time purchasers is not improving.

The housing market in Denmark is still sweltering, with a record amount of properties sold in March.

According to data from, 13,370 properties were sold in March, a …

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Assila Jeddah encourages visitors to relax in style!

Assila, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Jeddah, has unveiled its "Summer Retreat" offer, which invites guests to relax while taking in the city's beauty and staying in the hotel's magnificent guestrooms. buy and sell qatar

Assila is ensconced in the neighborhood of Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz St…

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What is the regime for government property expropriation?

Under the Planning Act, the City Council may expropriate private property if it is essential to achieve local planning goals. The municipal council will inspect the property with a minimum of four weeks notice to be expropriated. An expropriation procedure is subsequently initiated with a notice of …

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Prague citizens can influence the future form of the new neighborhood of Bubny-Zátory!

Prague residents can now comment on the Bubny-Zátory brownfield proposed development. In June, city officials presented a proposal for a 110-hectare territorial study. The study shows how the new neighborhood could look. It is now published and ready for public comment. used cars in qatar under 10…

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Prague students live in nursing homes in exchange for helping the elderly!

One way to overcome Prague's inflated rental prices is by getting an apartment in a nursing home.

If you are a local student who is seeking affordable housing in the Czech capital – and is open for interesting opportunities – then Prague 3 might have what you are looking for in a new pilot projec…

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The forecast calls for temperatures to remain below 20 degrees Celsius this week. This month should be little warmer.

According to the Hydrometeorological Institute's April forecast, temperatures in the Czech Republic are expected to hover around 20°C over the coming weeks (CHMI) This week, June 20th through June 27th, is expected to be the coldest. It will only get to be between 12 and 16 degrees on Tuesdays. Howe…

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